About Me

First Name: Nina Last Name: "Bee". My last name is a bit hard to pronounce so people just started calling me Nina B. I always loved Bee's and Nature and that's one of the many ways Bee's Essential Products was born!

I created Bee's Essential Products to help others who wanted to start a sustainable lifestyle and reduce single-use items in their life. But the key was I wanted to help others not become overwhelmed by zero waste perfectionism.

Our mantra here is progress not perfection and small steps make a big impact! You don't need to change your whole lifestyle overnight to help the planet.

We provide reusable non-plastic household products because we recognize it is important to just use the essentials in life. 
All of our products are: 
  • Sustainably Sourced 
  • Small Business Owner Sourced 
  • Packaged with Recycled Materials 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Shipped with Carbon Emissions in Mind
  • Eco Alliance Badge